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Metropolitan Chess, Inc, is a chess corporation in the greater Los Angeles Area established with the aim to promote chess through community outreach and global partnerships. We run regular tournaments, instructional seminars, group camps and are developing instructional chess software and mobile applications.

New Releases

Using the lessons that have turned many of his students into strong titled players, accomplished coach GM Ramesh R.B. writes a fantastic treatise on practical chess, teaching players of all levels how to make practical and correct decisions during the heat of a chess game. Covering such topics as the initiative, prophylaxis, concrete thinking vs. intution, and much more, this book is a must for any improving player.

Logical Decision Making

by GM Ramesh RB


In 2012 and 2013, 5-time World Champion Viswanathan Anand traveled to Los Angeles to teach at the annual Metropolitan Chess Camp, sharing his unique insights with some of the top scholastic talents in the U.S. His teachings and instruction from both camps has been edited to create standalone lectures, which will be the focal interest of the World Champion Perspective series. The DVD is shot in the style of one-on-one instruction, with the look and feel of a personal private lesson with GM Anand. (Total run time: 2 hours, 28 minutes)

World Champion Chess: Vol 1

by GM Vishy Anand

All too often, chess instruction tends to be a laundry list of general principles that the student is expected to memorize. It is rare when an instructor actually examines how to critically think in chess. Join International Grandmaster Loek van Wely as he analyzes a variety of practical chess positions. The rigorous exercises will challenge the student, and the form will equip the student with the tools to approach any chess position.

Critical Thinking in Chess

by GM Loek van Wely


IM Zhanibek Amanov and FM Kostya Kavutskiy provide a complete repertoire for White against the Sicilian Defense, using the most principled and ambitious reply, the Open Sicilian (1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 followed by 3.d4). The book covers all of Black’s major and minor variations within the Sicilian, including the Najdorf, Kan/Taimanov, Classical, Dragon, Accelerated Dragon, and Sveshnikov variations, as well as a few less common systems

Modernized: The Open Sicilian

by IM Kostya Kavutskiy

A complete repetoire book on the Black's side of the King's Indian Defense written by renowned author GM Dejan Bojkov.

Modernized: The King's Indian Defense

by GM Dejan Bojkov

GM Dejan Bojkov

GM Bojkov is a notable author, having recently written the very well-received “Modernized: The King’s Indian Defense” under the Metropolitan Chess Publishing Imprint. He was the coach of former Women’s World Champion GM Antoaneta Stefanova, and is the current trainer of many up-and-coming players, including recent U.S. Women’s Championship participant Ashrita Eswaran.

GM Ramesh RB

GM Ramachandran Ramesh (RB) is one of the leading chess trainers in the world and was one of the main commentators at the 2013 World Chess Championship. He has had numerous students achieve FIDE titles (FM, IM, & GM), and is currently coaching the rapidly improving 15-year-old IM Aravindh Chithambaram, who has already earned 2 GM norms.

IM Larry Remlinger

IM Remlinger is local to Southern California and has many years of chess and coaching experience. In his youth he achieved the master title and while competing in the 1953-1956 U.S. Junior Championships was considered an even more promising prospect than Bobby Fischer. His accomplishments include winning the 1973 American Open and earning the Best Game Prize at the 2012 Northern California International (ahead of several Grandmasters).

IM Zhanibek Amanov

IM Amanov is a former member of the Kazakhstan Olympiad Team, earning the IM title at the age of 18. His list of accomplishments include placing 2nd at the 2009 Asian Junior Championship, as well as tying for 3rd place and earning a GM norm at the 2012 North American Open. He already has a few years of coaching experience, with several of his students earning hundreds of rating points under his tutelage.

Dylan Quercia

Dylan Quercia is a USCF Expert and has been coaching players of all levels for several years. Dylan specializes in Scholastic Coaching, and is the current director of California Chess School.


How do online lessons work?

Online lessons will be scheduled at least several days in advance at a time that is convenient for both you and your coach. During an online lesson the coach and student will share a virtual chess board on a site such as Chess.com or the Internet Chess Club (ICC). Through interactive coaching they will also communicate via Skype for the duration of the lesson.

What are the benefits of online lessions?

Online lessons are quickly replacing in-person lessons as the preferred method of coaching, as students can enjoy the lessons from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, coaches can send games, puzzles, and other instructive content quickly and easily through email, both during and after the lesson (as supplemental homework).

What kind of software is required?

Interested students should download and create an account on Skype (membership is free). A microphone will also be needed in order to communicate (webcam optional). In order to share a virtual chess board, an account on Chess.com (free basic membership) or ICC (free guest account) is also required. Of course, a stable internet connection is important as well.


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